We will act together to protect the health and wellbeing of the patients and build a healthy future.


Changes for the best


We are determined to provide the to establish smart, safe, and friendly healthcare for its patients.


  • Special government officials
  • True to your oath
  • Safe and risk-free
  • Care and respect
  • Unified team
  • Eco hospital

Quality policy

Provide prompt and accessible health care services following quality standards and continuously improve customer satisfaction.

 The General Hospital for State Special Servants is one of the oldest hospitals in Mongolia, was established under the supervision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the 07th of June in 1933.

 According to the 68th Resolution of the Government of Mongolia, on August 31st of 2016, the hospital was officially recognized as the Civil Servant Central Hospital of Mongolia, under the Ministry of Justice and Internal Affairs.


The hospital provides medical services to 130.000 people who are the staff, their family members, and retired employees of over 20 agencies and organizations under the Ministry of Justice and Internal affairs.  Also, the hospital provides surgical, trauma, pediatrics care services to 170.000 residents of the Chingeltei district of Ulaanbaatar. 


Outpatient and inpatient care and services are organized following the requirements of the National Standard. The structure and function of the hospital are carried out following the standard of “General hospital structure and operation” MNS 5095: 2013 of Mongolia.

The hospital has 246 beds, nine departments, and provides inpatient and outpatient care, an average of 10,000-11,000 patients per year, for internal medicine, neurology, surgery, trauma, and gynecology. Surgical care to 2,300-2,500 people, and outpatient care performs 420,000 diagnostic tests per year. Our hospital provides high-quality healthcare for 200.000 people.  Also, starting from November 1, 2020, we have started providing trauma care and services to the residents of the Chingeltei district of Ulaanbaatar.

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